Nature's tools to get things done

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy making preparations for the new website and the upcoming new practitioner training program — watch your email inbox! In addition to that, working in ‘corona-shifts' makes for very busy days for everyone here at Alaskan Essences. Our essences and sprays always help us stay organized and productive throughout the day.
Many of our customers think Easy Learning is just for kids in school, but it’s also for easily distracted and overwhelmed adults like me! I don’t know about you, but I can become easily preoccupied when working behind a computer. Before I know it, I am doing ten things at the same time and my computer begins to look like a Christmas tree with many colored sticky notes full of to-do lists! When I notice my work is not as effective or efficient as I would like, I spritz the Easy Learning spray around me, and before long I’m crossing things off the lists. This formula helps me stay focused so I don't become overwhelmed with everything I need to do. It helps me take things one step at a time and pick the fun things first, so I get into a good and easy flow. Another thing that keeps me busy is writing, either email, the text for this newsletter, new website content and educational content for new classes. Whenever my writing feels stuck and the words aren't flowing, I spritz the Beyond Words spray so the mist falls around me, and within minutes my fingers seem to know what they are doing on the keyboard. I also use Beyond Words, both drops and spray, for every essence consultation I do. It helps me listen to my inner guidance and makes it easier to translate my intuitive voice into words.

When the weather is beautiful outside, I sometimes wonder, "What am I doing here in my office, why am I not in the mountains hiking to a lake or waterfall?" When this happens, Go-Create helps me find the spark to get the creative juices flowing again. The spray is a nice, uplifting, "Yes, you can do this" cheerleader. These three tools are amazingly helpful to me. They help me work more efficiently so I get more things accomplished, giving me time to take my dog for a hike up in the mountains! I always tell people that flower essences are not a quick fix and that working with essences is a journey to become more yourself. To be honest, I do like a quick fix now and then, and we have that available for you too.