November 2015 - Superior Self Care and Energetic Cleansing

This month we are offering a 25% discount on a group of essences that can be added to your daily self-care regimen to maintain health, balance and well-being on a deep and lasting level. These essences work by releasing old emotional energies and unhealthy thought patterns that can result in stress, tension and chronic pain. They can also assist in the process of increasing your body awareness, and will facilitate the release of what is toxic or no longer contributing to your health and well-being. Incorporating essences into your daily routine can be fun and easy. Besides taking them internally, you can blend them with your body and facial lotions, shampoos and conditioners, and massage oils. You can also add essences to your bath water, as well as use them in a steam room, therapeutic steam bath, foot bath, sauna and hot tub.

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