November 2017 – Balancing, Rejuvenating and Recharging with Gem Elixirs

When to use Gem Elixirs and How and Why they Work. ~ The plant kingdom brings the gift of spiritual consciousness to the earth. Using flower essences awakens our consciousness and enables us to live our lives with increased awareness and understanding. The resulting increase in consciousness causes our vibration to raise. Essences also enhance and energize other practices that raise consciousness such as meditation, yoga, contemplative time in nature, and while receiving healing energy.

However, if our physical body is not aligned with this increasing vibration or frequency, we may be unable to maintain spiritual growth in a balanced way. This kind of imbalance is common as many of us strive to become more spiritually attuned while ignoring the needs of our body. Sooner or later we overextend our inner resources, creating an imbalance that makes it difficult for us to integrate change. The body may respond to this imbalance with illness, disease, or burnout, forcing us into a period of rest, recovery and reevaluation.

Gem elixirs help us fully anchor and embody changes in consciousness. They provide the energetic support necessary to integrate our increasing frequency in consciousness. They help our physical bodies achieve and maintain balance by stimulating the release of tension that has accumulated in our energy field as the result of physical, mental, and emotional stress. As tension releases, our subtle bodies and chakras come back into alignment, allowing our physical body to regain its natural state of balance, stability, and resilience.

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