November 2019 – Aligning with your True North

Once we discover the things in life that inspire us, our next challenge is staying true to these values. This may mean having differing opinions from our family and friends, going our own way and leaving people and places behind, discovering new people and places. This isn’t always easy, especially when we get caught up in the lives and emotions of others or when unexpected circumstances throw us off balance.

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old activist on the Asperger’s spectrum. Neither her age nor her circumstances have stopped her from embracing her uniqueness and using her gifts to fight for what she values. The world needs your unique light as much as it needs Greta’s. Flower essences can help you connect with the safety you need to shine your light into the world, and with the strength and courage, you require to live in alignment with your core values.

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