Creating Sacred Space

Essences from nature help us achieve balance and well-being. When used in sprays, essences infuse our personal energy field and environment with clarity and freshness, making everything easier. If the spaces you regularly occupy do not feel nurturing or leave you feeling drained, let our Sacred Space Sprays uplift and support you!

The sprays are made with focused and intentional potency to clear out stagnant energy and restore our auras and spaces with positive and vibrant energy from nature. Each spray contains a unique combination of Alaskan flower, gem, and environmental essences, plus carefully selected high-quality essential oils to enhance the energetic effect of the essences. They combine the best of both worlds, the healing energy of nature, plus her stimulating and calming aromas, creating a unique synergy in action.

The Sacred Space Sprays cleanse, harmonize, and uplift our body’s energy field and environment, enhancing our well-being no matter where we are. Spritzing the sprays over your head so the mist falls around your shoulders cleanses, energizes, and strengthens your energy field — the impact is instantly powerful yet gentle and centering. Just as we clean our rooms physically, we can energetically cleanse and revitalize them so they support us instead of drain us. You only need a few spritzes throughout any room, including bedrooms, offices, or vehicles, to transform your spaces into nurturing and supportive environments.

You can use the Sacred Space Sprays daily either on their own or to complement your work with flower essences and any other intentional and energetic practice.

Purification Sacred Space Spray (2 oz / 4 oz) cleanses and purifies our energy field and the environments we occupy. Use this cleansing spray to break up and clear stagnant energy patterns. It washes away tiredness and invites vital aliveness with a refreshing blast of ionic energy and a feeling of cool winds blowing off glaciers. This spray is a must-have for travelers!
Purification spray combines the cleansing and refreshing qualities of the following four essences:

  • Fireweed flower essence breaks up and moves out old energy patterns while initiating cycles of revitalization and renewal.
  • Sweetgrass flower essence releases disharmonious energies from the environment by constantly attracting benevolent blessings from Source.
  • Black Tourmaline gem elixir exchanges stagnant unwanted energies for fresh, clean neutral energy.
  • Portage Glacier environmental essence is a powerful catalyst for cleansing and purifying toxic or polluted environments.

The Purification Spray also contains the essential oils of black spruce, frankincense, lavender, and peppermint to enhance the purifying function of the formula and add clarifying, sanctifying, and refreshing qualities to the spray.

Calling All Angels Sacred Space Spray (2 oz / 4 oz) brings a soft, loving, and serene divine energy into our hearts, physical body, and environment to help us connect with the angelic realm's love, guidance, and protection. Use this spray to invite joy and peace into your life and strengthen the knowledge that the angels guide, support, and protect you.
This spray combines the healing quality of the following four essences:

  • Angelica flower essence carries protective energy to all levels of the aura and helps us contact the abundance of spiritual support and divine protection available to us all.
  • Chalice Well environmental essence connects us to the profoundly personal and eternal support available from the angelic, elemental, plant, and mineral kingdoms.
  • Chiming Bells flower essence encourages the experience of joy, peace, and stability at the physical level of our beings.
  • Kunzite gem elixir opens our hearts to the awareness of our angelic presence and helps us experience the spiritual love of the angelic kingdom in our hearts

The Calling All Angels spray also contains the essential oils of lavender, grapefruit, rose otto, and carnation absolute to complement the essences. These calming oils help us release tension and open our hearts to angelic joy, love, and peace. This spray brings sacred and peaceful energy into your spaces. Children (and adults) love to spray their bedrooms before sleeping to create a feeling of protection and ensure a deep, restful slumber.

Guardian Sacred Space Spray (2 oz / 4 oz) is our go-to formula of protection and support for the highly sensitive. It invokes positive, harmonious energies to help you claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding and feel the protection and security of strong and healthy boundaries. Spraying your aura and immediate surroundings will invoke calm, stability, strength, confidence, and safety while maintaining openness and sensitivity.
This spray combines the healing quality of the following six essences:

  • Covellite gem elixir brings strength, clarity, and definition to the auric field.
  • Devil's Club flower essence clears ambivalence about being present in our physical bodies and on the Earth.
  • Round-Leaf Orchid flower essence supports living deeply in our hearts and maintaining that position in times of confusion and chaos.
  • Stone circle environmental essence introduces highly protective energy into the aura, inviting us to relax, rest and replenish our vital forces.
  • White Violet flower essence builds trust in the Higher Self and the protection of benevolent spiritual forces.
  • Yarrow flower essence strengthens the overall integrity of our energy field.

The Guardian Spray also contains the essential oils of Himalayan cedar, lime, litsea cubeba, melissa, and tangerine. These oils enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the essences while adding uplifting notes of joy and playfulness.

Lighten Up Sacred Space Spray (2 oz / 4 oz) expands our energy pathways and dispels stagnant emotions to encourage the efficient circulation of light in the body. This direct action uplifts, energizes, inspires, and nourishes our energy system and spaces. Use this spray to bring light and energy into your aura, especially when tired and overwhelmed by too much work or during the long winter months. Use it in your surroundings to bring the power of sunshine inside and enhance and increase energy circulation in your living and working environments.
This spray combines the healing quality of the following four essences:

  • Grass of Parnassus flower essence showers our energy system with light's cleansing and nourishing benefits.
  • Orange Calcite gem elixir provides uplifting, energizing, and warming energies.
  • Carnelian gem elixir energizes and clears the energy pathways in the body.
  • Solstice Sun environmental essence catalyzes our ability to access and circulate a stronger current of light energy throughout the physical body.

The Lighten Up Spray also contains the essential oils of blood orange, Bulgarian lavender, combava petitgrain, lemon myrtle, and ylang-ylang extra to enhance the enlivening qualities of the essences and add refreshing, sparkling, and uplifting notes to the spray.

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