Remembering Steve Johnson

March 17 marked seven years since my late husband Steve's passing. For those new to Alaskan Essences, you may be interested in learning how his essence-making journey started. Steve Johnson began making flower essences 41 years ago in the wilderness of Alaska, where he worked as a wilderness firefighter. Immersed in seemingly endless wilderness, extreme wildfires, massive storms, and acres of wildflowers, Steve sensed an abundance of support available in the vast and pristine land. Alaska's vibrational purity and aliveness and the plants adapted to thrive in extreme environments inspired him to make his first flower essences.

In the summer of 1983, he was guided to make eight essences, of which Jacob's Ladder was the first. The following year, he created the business to focus more on this advanced form of natural healing and facilitate better collecting and researching of new flower essences. His job as a wilderness firefighter provided him with many unique opportunities to observe nature and prepare essences in remote areas of the state. In 1991, after 21 seasons of fighting fires, he retired to concentrate on the processes of preparing, researching, and teaching about the essences. You can read more about his journey HERE.

I used to join Steve in Alaska to assist during his practitioner training and go on essence-making trips together. We enjoyed road trips to discover new places, hiking, finding flowers, listening to music, and spending quality time together. Little did we know that while we were on these adventures, Steve was teaching me how to continue his work. Now, I explore and create essences independently, but I still feel Steve's constant presence and guidance, and I never feel alone when I am there.

~ Judith Poelarends, Director