Seeing the World with New Eyes

Our Souls are wise, vast, loving, and joyful, but our personalities and circumstances often get in the way. With the help of the flowers, we can see things in a new way and see ourselves for who we truly are. The plants encourage us to be 'here and now,' even when we'd rather be 'then and there,' helping us accept and embrace the present moment with the added understanding that aligning with our true self is the easy and joyful way forward.

The following flower essences support you in allowing more of your spiritual selves to shine through. Many of us know how to tap into the spiritual realm, but we may still find it challenging to allow more spiritual energy into our bodies and day-to-day lives. As our Soul energy flows through us and connects with the Earth, we can hear our guidance and trust enough to let our lives unfold.

Fairy Slipper – strengthening the flow of spiritual energy through the body
Fairy Slippers are fragile flowers that stand firmly in their power, radiating beauty. This flower essence supports us with self-acceptance so we can stand in our power and unique individuality. As its gentle yet powerful energy flows through us, it helps us to relax and allow the essence of our true spiritual selves to fill our hearts and body. It strengthens our vertical alignment and energy flow and gives us a sense of being at peace with ourselves and with being seen by others.

Cloudberry – inner value instead of low self-esteem
Cloudberry flower essence softly and gently helps us become aware of the Light within ourselves. It shifts our attention from outer busyness and the frustrating mental exercise of figuring things out to focusing on inner sight and calm attunement to the Source. Cloudberry reminds us that the answers we seek won't come through the mind or from extraneous things. Solutions come from listening and being present. This essence promotes the realization that the easiest way to move forward is to surrender to our inner guidance and allow our newfound awareness to inform our actions.

Willow – becoming aware of how we create our lives
Willows are so flexible and resilient that they fully recover even after being eaten by moose. Willow flower essence helps us connect with our innate flexibility and resilience by making us more aware of our mental processes and any limitations we place on ourselves. It helps us see and understand what is beneath our resistance. Working with the energy of willow, we learn to embody the attitudes of flexible minds and resilient understanding. We can relax, be at peace, move with the flow of life, and find joy in living. The Willow Deva told me this summer, "As a shrub, we're not super beauties, but we noticed you were admiring our soft and beautiful catkins! We are here to remind you there is beauty everywhere. Where is your focus?"

Blue Poppy – perceiving the world with joy, strength, and integrity
Blue Poppy flower essence improves the connection between our spiritual and physical selves by finding a balance between our earthly and spiritual realms. It does that by teaching us how to live in the seen and unseen worlds simultaneously: glimpsing the sacred, being immersed in it, and being present with the denser and sometimes profane aspects of daily life. And it helps us maintain a more joyful outlook by releasing any heavy or sluggish perspectives we have on life and replacing them with higher attention, focus, and stamina.

Comandra – opening our intuition to the plant kingdom
I was delighted to see Comandra blooming this spring. A small plant with tiny flowers, Comandra flower essence is helpful when our perception is limited to the material aspects of life. It is valuable for anyone who'd like to develop an awareness of the subtle realms of nature or would like to deepen their attunement to healing plant energies. At this time on our planet, it is of prime importance that we consciously join in a co-creative partnership with nature. Nature is ready for this partnership, but the human kingdom faces the perceptual challenge of learning to see and hear nature's wisdom. Comandra helps by clearing perceptual blockages that interfere with our ability to sense and experience subtle energy within the plant kingdom.

Cow Parsnip – peace and contentment during times of change and transition
Cow Parsnip flower essence heightens our awareness of inner strength, promotes contentment with the present moment, and encourages peace of mind, even during transition and change. Cow Parsnip helps us create a sense of being at home anywhere on the planet by helping us master the qualities of flexibility and adaptation. Through awareness and acceptance of the perfection of each present moment, we can access the support and energy we need wherever we are and translate this into strength and stability in our daily lives.

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