Soothing Essences for Comfort, Safety and Peace

When we spend time in Nature, we can enter into a deep moment-to-moment awareness where we experience a soothing balm of comfort. In these deeply connected moments, we understand the healing energy that Nature provides, but sometimes we need to be reminded. Essences made from Nature’s kingdoms build a bridge between our daily lives and the all-encompassing sense of wellbeing we feel while immersed in Nature. The following flower, gem, and environmental essences provide gentle, compassionate, and nurturing energies. They encourage us to relax our minds and surrender our struggles as they stabilize and reset our energy field, especially the flow between our heart and mind. They help us find comfort within our everyday awareness as they deepen our trust in the universe and inspire absolute safety, presence, and peace to improve our physical wellbeing.

Prickly Wild Rose: openness, courage, and a renewed interest in life
The Prickly Wild Rose essence helps us manifest and maintain an aura of openness and courageous interest in life in the face of seemingly adverse circumstances. From such honesty and faith comes a sense of calm and the knowledge that we will continue to blossom and bring our hopes to fruition. This essence supports us as we release difficulties and disappointments from the past and take an honest look at our challenges and accomplishments. Instead of being discouraged, it teaches us to look forward to the future with more joy and optimism.

Valerian: comfort and relaxed alertness
Valerian flower essence helps when we have difficulty relaxing the mind and body. It both calms and energizes, bringing a sense of relaxed alertness. When we push ourselves beyond the point of tiredness, it helps us find a natural balance between action and rest, so we can be mentally focused when we want or need, and then return to a state of peace and relaxation. Valerian also encourages a feeling of comfort in our everyday existence so we are comfortable no matter what is happening. And as we slow down and sense the moments of our day, our physical appreciation of everything increases.

Blue Green Tourmaline: from inner turbulence to inner peace
Blue Green Tourmaline gem elixir strengthens our alignment with the Earth and our Higher Self. It helps when we feel agitated, and excess mental effort blocks energy flow between our heart and higher self. This essence moves us from distraction and waywardness to quiet, centered strength and self-reflection, encouraging peace and solace to take permanent residence in our being. Blue-Green Tourmaline is grounding. It provides the strength and courage we need to transform our inner turbulence into inner peace, contributing to peace on the planet. It fearlessly and gently opens our hearts to take our rightful place on the earth, with grace, purity, and strength, and without a need to push others away.

Green Tourmaline/Smoky Quartz: opening, relaxing, and releasing tension
Green Tourmaline/Smoky Quartz facilitates a strong and grounded connection between our hearts and the Earth. This essence is a loving presence asking us to settle gently into the pull of gravity. It helps us identify where we hold tension in the body and then encourages us to let the pressure go. It asks us to notice the relief as we settle into a deep place of relaxation. The gift of this essence is the support it provides in the ongoing process of opening, relaxing, and letting go so that we can be more and more present—a constant, loving process of arrival. It reminds us that our sense of self and self-love is more important than the issues, problems, or challenges we face.

Stone Circle: a safe place to replenish vital forces
Stepping into this Stone Circle feels like coming home to a safe place where all is possible. This protected place provides rest and nurturing after journeys and adventures. We feel at home in this protective energy because it represents balance—what perfectly balanced elemental energies feel like in their natural, harmonic state. The essence of Stone Circle introduces protective energy into the aura to relax, rest, and replenish our vital forces. It helps replace what we lost through stress, misuse, and the trials and tribulations of living in the world. This essence allows us to take a step back from our lives to shift into a deep place of rest, so we act and respond to life with our inner strength rather than react from weakness.

Calling All Angels: feel the support and love of the angelic kingdom
The Divine Nurturing Formula and Sacred Space Spray can both help you contact the angelic realm's love, guidance, and protection. They bring very soft, loving, and serene energy into your heart, physical body, and environment.
Use the formula and spray to:

  • bring more joy and peace into your life
  • make a stronger connection with the divine feminine
  • strengthen the knowledge that you are being guided, supported, and protected by the angels
  • create a sacred and protected space for sleeping and dreaming, especially for children
  • promote a more vital awareness of your angelic nature
  • experience the love of the angelic kingdom in your physical body