Soul Infused Living - The Truth and Wisdom of our Inner Being

It’s easy to forget we have the wisdom we need when doubt and uncertainty interfere with our decision-making, when information overload becomes distracting, or when the duality of what is true or not causes us to question our reality. Even a deep connection with the truth and wisdom of our inner being and a well-developed intuition can become clouded by life’s circumstances. When this occurs, the answers we need cannot be found by overthinking, asking other people, or searching through Google or social media. The answers lie within.

We call this connection to our inner being many different things. Whether we call it intuition, inner voice, higher self, Soul, divine guidance, or whispers of the heart, we are referring to our connection to the all-knowing Source. Our Inner Being is always streaming energy, information, wisdom, and love to us. It’s our continued opportunity to tune into the frequency and pay attention, like tuning into a radio station. When we tune into our inner guidance, we may have a hunch to do a certain thing without knowing why, or we may have a sense of the truth in a situation, or we may suddenly find the solution to a problem. When we tune in and listen to our inner voice, it becomes easier to make decisions that serve our highest good.

The connection to our inner being is always there, and our Soul is constantly communicating and hoping we will pay attention to its messages. We can increase our awareness of this larger part of us by setting aside our mind chatter. Meditation, breathing exercises, and walking in nature can help to calm and quiet our minds. Following our inner guidance requires practice, but it’s worth practicing because we soon realize it’s no effort at all—it’s all about opening and allowing. From a quieter place, we open to the wisdom of our inner voice and allow ourselves to be guided and infused with love. When we are tuned in, life becomes easier and offers more synchronicity—the magical moments when things fall into place.

The following six essences will strengthen your intuition as you learn to trust your inner guidance.

Hairy Butterwort flower essence helps when we face challenging situations or life lessons and cannot acknowledge or trust our higher guidance, especially when our growth process is stressful, chaotic, or crisis-oriented because we aren’t aware of the underlying issues that need resolution. Hairy Butterwort provides awareness, faith, and trust by connecting us with our spiritual guidance and support. When we acknowledge, listen, and trust in this support, our learning experiences become smoother and gentler. Hairy Butterwort helps us expand our perceptions during difficult times to make a clear and conscious connection with the spiritual support and guidance we need so we can move through any transformational process with balance, grace, and ease.

Lapland Rosebay flower essence is helpful for those who depend on others for advice and lack trust in their intuition. It brings us back to our senses when we look outside of ourselves for answers and information, and it reminds us to look within for wisdom, perspective, and direction. Lapland Rosebay facilitates a level of trust in ourselves that frees us from our dependence on outside sources. It teaches us that we can find the insight and answers within no matter what our questions are. It frees us from the tendency to obsess over our thoughts or get caught up in circular thinking. This essence helps us achieve this independence by supporting complete connectivity with Source to take the questions to our hearts and love ourselves in the face of challenges.

Brazilian Amethyst gem elixir is helpful when we feel separated from the spiritual realm or have a weak connection to our higher self. It provides a precise, high-frequency vibration that is at the same time deep and grounded, encouraging a depth of soul and spiritual expression. It calms and clarifies all chakras and subtle bodies, focusing on the relationship between the seen and unseen, the known and the unknown. Brazilian Amethyst helps focus our attention upward in the body, but not out of the body, so we can receive and make use of spiritual inspiration. It is a reminder that we don’t have to leave our bodies to receive spiritual support. We need to pay attention and focus a vigilant eye towards spirit, to notice what is emerging in our present reality instead of getting caught up in the play-by-play of daily life.

Lamb’s Quarters flower essence is for the highly intellectual who operate primarily from what they can understand or “figure out” with the mind. When the mind is in charge, mental energy may block our intuition. When we face problems or challenges using only our intellect, we are limited by the variety and amount of information available for a solution. The essence of Lamb’s Quarters helps us connect with additional sources of input by clearing and expanding the channel of communication between the heart and mind. With an open channel between heart and mind, information from the body, the environment, and higher sources of inspiration can enter. Lamb’s Quarters encourages the flowering of a heart-centered mental perspective and teaches us how to use the heart, mind, and senses synergistically. This less confrontational attitude empowers the mind to accept and use all the relevant information and wisdom available, regardless of the source.

Horsetail flower essence highlights communication through connectedness. It expands our ability to communicate on all levels and with all beings, including ourselves! It is helpful when we have difficulty communicating with our higher Self, or when there is an imbalance between the rational and intuitive mind, especially when the rational mind is dominant. The unique gift of the Horsetail essence is that it reawakens and expands our ability to use an ancient communication system based on the premise that all living beings have fields of awareness, and all living beings exchange information through an energetic network. Horsetail helps us connect with this ancient network to facilitate a deep level of communication with all members of our Earth family. This makes Horsetail an excellent essence for improving intuitive communication with the animal and plant kingdoms.

Lapis Lazuli gem elixir helps when we cannot hear or understand guidance and information from higher sources or when we have difficulty translating it into words. Lapis Lazuli works by connecting the hearing ability of the throat (5th) chakra with the innate knowing and wisdom of our inner vision (6th chakra). It helps these two energy centers return to their correct functioning to develop to their full potential. When this chakra connection is improved, it becomes easier to communicate information of a higher nature clearly and understandably. This improved connection also helps us notice, hear, and sense more of what is present in our surroundings, providing a richer experience of life to share with others more eloquently. Lapis Lazuli is a great essence for intuitive practitioners.