Stabilizing and Integrating Deep Inner Work

The Alaskan Gem Elixirs
Many of our readers are familiar with flower essences, but the concept of essences made from minerals is relatively new for some. Here at Alaskan Essences, we use mineral specimens to make essences just as we do with flower essences. We call an infusion made from the energy imprint of a specific mineral a gem elixir or gem essence. Our gem elixirs are made in the pristine nature of Alaska in environments that support and align with the vibration of the stone. These supportive environments include bogs, meadows, rivers, glaciers, and glacial lakes. The elemental energies of Alaska deliver the healing qualities of flower essences and gem elixirs to a person's energy field in a perfectly balanced package, making the transformation occurring easy to integrate.

Why are Gem Elixirs Important?
As flower essences catalyze and support our emotional and spiritual growth, our vibration resonates more clearly with our Soul, our higher consciousness. During this growth process, we often focus on the lessons we are learning and our growing spiritual understanding while ignoring the needs of our bodies. As you work with flower essences, pay attention to how your body responds to the higher vibration. Do you feel tired? Ungrounded? Spacey? Stressed out? Tense?

As our vibration increases, our bodies need support to embody the energetic changes. If we neglect the vibrational needs of our bodies, we risk overextending our inner resources, creating an imbalance that hinders our ability to integrate change. Our energy body and physical body need to be in sync. This is where gem elixirs play a vital role! Gem elixirs provide a reassuring support system as they help our physical body align with the increasing vibration of our energy body.

How do Gem Elixirs Work?
Gem elixirs serve as anchors, embodying changes in consciousness by stimulating the release of tension accumulated in our energy field and body due to physical, mental, and emotional stress. They cleanse, activate, and recharge the chakras and subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual). By facilitating our optimal function, gem elixirs make it easier for us to maintain stability during spiritual growth. They regulate our inner flow and energy alignment, enabling our body to restore its natural balance and resilience, promoting a grounded, relaxed, and comfortable state.

The ability of gem elixirs to increase our transformative potential is significant and truly inspiring. Gem elixirs are not just complementary to flower essences. They also enhance their therapeutic use, making them invaluable for any healing process. The six gem essences we are featuring this month support the connection between our consciousness, physical body, and the Earth, significantly increasing our capacity to experience transformational growth in consciousness.

The following six Gem Elixirs help to stabilize and integrate deep inner work:

Red Quartz - safe and secure in our physical bodiesRed Quartz
Red Quartz gem essence restores emotional and sexual integrity when the expression of these has been compromised or misaligned by emotional pain and trauma. It is beneficial for those who respond reactively to outside circumstances because they feel vulnerable, which can, in turn, make them feel victimized by their circumstances. It offers strength and stability to the lower chakras, especially our sacral chakra, to help us create and maintain stronger boundaries. This protection creates a buffer of neutrality where we feel calm and relaxed, so we can choose a non-reactive response or not to respond at all, depending on the dynamics of our situation. The lesson of this essence is that we cannot expect conditions outside of us to provide the safety and emotional stability we need. Nor can we find safety in another person if we don’t feel safe within ourselves. As we strengthen these qualities within, they will be mirrored back to us by our surroundings and those we attract to us.

Covellite – support and protection for the highly sensitive
Covellite gem elixir provides support and protection for those who feel highly sensitive and easily stimulated by the energies of others, regardless of their intentions. It is especially helpful for those who feel threatened by stressful situations, other people or the general environment. Our level of vulnerability is directly linked to the state of our energy field, which can be compromised by past trauma or injury. Covellite brings about a profound transformation by infusing strength, clarity, and definition into the auric field, thus acting as a protective filter. This encourages us to relax energetically, particularly in the heart chakra, and experience a shift towards solidity and strength, rather than feeling vulnerable and reacting defensively.

Tourmalated Quartz - improving energy flow throughout the bodyTourmalated Quartz
The complex structure of Tourmalated Quartz works on many dimensions to bring immediate alignment and clarity to the energy field. It does this by organizing and fine-tuning the vibrational structure of the body and how it utilizes light, clearing congestion and excess energy from all chakras, subtle bodies, and the physical body. It also balances the base chakra relative to the higher chakras. Negativity or blockages are simply areas where light cannot pass through. This essence can release whatever impedes the flow so the light can move where and how it needs to, helping us move from chaos and confusion to coherence and continuity.

Citrine – clarity for an overactive mental body
Citrine gem elixir helps to balance and harmonize our mental energies for a peaceful and intuitive state of mind. By aligning our mental body with our spiritual body, we can use our mind in the service of the spirit. Citrine aids in finding mental clarity, improving concentration and maintaining a centered state. When the mental body is not aligned with the other subtle bodies, we may feel anxious, distracted, or unfocused. This essence synchronizes the mental body with the Earth's energy field, allowing our emotional and physical aspects to realign, resulting in increased calm and clarity.

Rutilated Quartz - precision alignment with higher sources of energyRutilated Quartz
Rutilated Quartz can help us connect with our higher self and gain a deeper understanding of our internal guidance. When we receive an overwhelming amount of energy and information from nonphysical sources, it can be difficult to remain grounded and focused. This essence helps cultivate discernment, allowing us to stay open to what is available without getting lost in the flow. It is also helpful for those with a short attention span or who feel mentally fatigued. By narrowing our focus and grounding us in the physical body, Rutilated Quartz reduces the amount of information coming in, increasing clarity and comprehension of what we receive.

Amber – improving our relationship with our physical body
Amber is not a mineral, but is often considered a fine gem. It is a biological product of nature, the oozing resin of ancient pine trees in a stable and fossilized state, preserving their ancient life force and the sun's light for millions of years. This longevity and inherent connection to the Earth and sun gives Amber gem elixir the ability to help us connect with our physical body's innate strength, endurance, flexibility, and instinctual nature. It has a clearing and relaxing effect on the pelvic region, promoting an increased energy flow up and down the spine. Additionally, Amber helps to adjust the body's energetic structure, allowing more light and energy to enter and circulate with less resistance.

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