Summer Travel Essentials

When you are traveling this summer, remember to bring these key essences and sprays to keep you cool and sane during your summer travels. They fit easily in your handbag or suitcase and meet airline carry-on size restrictions.

Soul Support Emergency Formula helps maintain strength, balance, and stability during any kind of stressful activity or traumatic situation. Keep a bottle in your handbag or purse to ease travel stress this summer.

Purification Sacred Space Spray refreshes cabins, hotels, vacation rentals, and rental cars by clearing out stagnant and unwanted energy. It can also refresh your energy field after a busy day out by spraying it over your head and shoulders.

Calling All Angels Sacred Space Spray invokes soft and serene energy to help us relax in changing surroundings and situations. Spray in rooms and sleeping areas, especially on pillows and bedding to encourage restful slumber.

Travel Ease Journey Formula and Spray is helpful for all plane and car travel. The drops and spray help us manage cramped and crowded spaces by strengthening the integrity of our energy field, helping us stay grounded, and promoting the release of unwanted energy that may be absorbed while traveling.