The Magic of making Flower Essences

I often get caught up in the busyness of life, especially when the world seems to have gone a little crazy. Still, I know that the crazier things get, I can find relief by slowing down, checking in with myself, being present, relaxing my body, noticing my thoughts, and tapping into my inner guidance.

I was reminded of this during my time in Alaska this spring. I was out in Nature each day, far away from day-to-day business. As I walked, hiked, and looked for the first trees and flowers to bloom, my whole being became calm and peaceful. It was easy for me to connect with the wisdom of Nature. I felt that the energy in me was the same as the energy in the plants and trees surrounding me.

The best conversations I've had are with the plants in Alaska. The devas (the spirits of the plants, trees, stones, rivers, mountains, etc.) are pure expressions of Source energy. Many devas convey that human life would be much easier and more joyful if we were more like the plants: aligned and connected to our true source, rooted, accepting of ourselves and whatever is in front of us, and aware we are constantly creating life.

While making essences this summer, I enjoyed feeling the different qualities of each Deva. Some are brutally honest and witty, while others are compassionate, comforting, and loving. Still, they all share the same unique trait of mirroring the healing I needed through the flowers I was most attracted to. Tuning into the energy of the Deva, or using the essence, will reveal the same innate quality within ourselves. These may be qualities we didn't know how to access, but they are always there. The profound wisdom of Nature is not outside ourselves. It is within us.

My most joyful summer experience was finding Fairy Slippers while hiking up a mountain. The hike was quite the workout, and I knew tomorrow would be the perfect sunny day to return and make an essence. The next day I woke up, packed my backpack with everything I needed, left the cabin, and hit the trail with my heavy load.

Thinking about the steep hike ahead, I realized I could ask Fairy Slipper for help! So I connected with the Deva of Fairy Slipper and asked if she could show me a good spot to make the essence, preferably a bit lower on the mountain. I heard a big YES, and shortly after that, my attention was drawn to a sunny clearing in the woods with an interesting tree stump just a hundred yards further up the trail. I was already there before I decided to go there.

Behind the stump, I found the largest patch of Fairy Slipper I had ever seen! I cheered and jumped like a little kid, in awe of this magical occurrence and the beauty of the flowers. They were in perfect bloom and so stunning! And there were so many! It felt like pure magic. If I had not asked for help, I would have worked my way up that mountain trail with my heavy pack to where I'd seen the flowers the day before. Instead, my journey was easy and joyful, reminding me that Nature is always there to help, but we must ask for it.

Fairy Slipper told me, "You are right where we want you to be today. When you ask for help and believe it will come, things line up easily, just like this!"

The deva also told me that I was too serious and not playful enough. "You need to appreciate yourself more! You are always over the moon when you see us, and so are we when we see you!"

The devas like it when we see, feel, and appreciate the flowers. Our deep appreciation invites an energy exchange with the devas, where we can sense their energy, and they can see our most authentic selves. Our Souls are wise, vast, loving, and joyful, but our personalities and circumstances often get in the way. With the help of the flowers, we can see things in a new way and see ourselves for who we truly are. The plants encourage us to be 'here and now,' even when we'd rather be 'then and there,' helping us accept and embrace the present moment with the added understanding that aligning with our true self is the easy and joyful way forward.