The magical story about Tidal Forces essence

This environmental essence was prepared using fresh and salt water on Kachemak Bay during a full twenty-four hour, twenty-two-foot tidal cycle.  We had asked our friend and colleague Janice to make an essence of the tides in Kachemak Bay when she was going on a trip to the other side of the bay for a weekend. The following story of its preparation came from Janice, because of its uniqueness and relevance to the healing qualities of the essence.

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“The men went to bed and I went off to the tide line with the glass bowl and water from Tutka Creek. I wandered along the shore by flashlight as it was dark and a snowy night, looking for a good altar for the bowl. I felt drawn to the sea cliffs, not knowing how high up the rocks the 4 a.m. tide (a 19.3 footer) would reach. I finally felt called to a rock shelf and placed the bowl in a small sea cave under the outreaching arms of an alder tree. At this point, the essence requested only pure water.

Dawn promised a fine day–new snow on the spruce, a smooth sea, and the essence fine but seeking sun and also a dash of fresh water from where little Jakolof Creek enters the bay, plus sea water from a deep pool. Later I was called to move the bowl again, to a flat rock exposed by the minus tide where ground fog was rolling on the beach. I reminded myself that I must move the bowl shortly as the tide would soon be returning.

Following lunch, I went to move the bowl, but it had vanished! Two feet of water covered the rock shelf. I kept searching the sea floor, hoping to at least retrieve the container. My heart experienced a “sinking” feeling and my first thought, sweeping in unbidden, was, “all loss is gain”.

I returned to the house and shared the news with the crew. They discussed whether the bowl would float, and how long, with many theories circulating. Most thought it would quickly capsize in the cross currents but I went back to look again anyway. I descended to the beach and walked to tide line and there, afloat, coming directly to me, was the bowl, essence water still intact! I took one step into the bay and retrieved it, feeling deeply blessed by the tidal forces!

Such a unique essence, to have been carried about the bay in its bowl boat, swirling in the currents, dancing with the sea ducks. And still it continues, for a full cycle, high tide to high tide, low tide to low tide, a twenty-four hour dark/day/dark essence.

Yesterday at 9 p.m., as the sun was ebbing and tide flooding, I went to complete the preparation. I left the house in calm and fading sun, walked through a hailstorm, descended to the placid bay, poured the essence into the mother bottle, and returned to the house as waves began crashing surf sounds on the beach.”

The healing qualities of Tidal Forces environmental essence:

The quality of Alaska is one of drama and extremes, and Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay are particularly dramatic because of the extreme tidal fluctuations that occur here.

The tide is the force of the sea, the rhythm of seasons and life. It is the giver and taker. It persists in all seasons and in weather wild and calm.

This is an essence of rhythm and balance, of loss and gain, of adapting oneself to the swiftly changing currents of life. It helps one release the old and receive the new with constant and unyielding fluidity. It soothes and balances overly emotional, fiery states of being and helps wash away mental resistance to change, and to accepting what is in the present moment.