The Renewal of the Divine Feminine

The Renewal of the Divine Feminine

Menopause is the end of the female reproductive years and a time of new beginnings. It marks a time when a woman's lifetime of experience and wisdom culminates into who she will be in the next phase of life. This transformation can be challenging as bodies adjust to changes in hormone levels, and minds take note of past achievements and failures and what is yet to come. Emotions can be erratic as we let go of the past and allow our spirits to soar and align with an unknown destiny and the purpose and reason we are here.

The following essences can facilitate an emotionally rich, physically balanced, mindful, grounded, nurturing, and protective transition for women experiencing menopause.

Bloodstone gem elixir opens and harmonizes the connection between the heart chakra and the Earth. Bloodstone uses the heart's power and the Earth's support to remove stagnant energy to expand and increase the flow of energy through this pathway, relaxing the lower body and allowing more energy to circulate throughout the entire system smoothly and consistently.

Moonstone gem elixir helps women obtain and ground feminine power and grace into their bodies to achieve emotional stability and acceptance of what is in the present moment. It balances the increased energy and heightened sensitivity episodes that begin at puberty and continue into menopause, cleansing and circulating our feminine power to nurture our emotional cycles with calm and gentleness.

Pearl gem elixir soothes and smooths the emotional body when there is irritation, frustration, and emotional upset. Pearl helps us connect our irritability to the mental and emotional patterns responsible. Frustration derives from wanting things to be different. When we resist what is occurring, Pearl encourages us to look inward with new eyes and understanding to promote acceptance versus resignation and apathy.

Redoubt Volcano environmental essence calms and soothes our doubts, anxieties, and fears as we confront the inevitability of change. It helps us learn how to surrender to the natural forces beyond our comprehension and control, aligning us with their magical and transformative power.

Purple Poppy flower essence helps us maintain balance during rapid phases of evolution when our entire vibrational makeup transforms from one thing to another. This poppy enables us to experience deep integration and rest while allowing the transformative process to continue.