The Wisdom of Trees

“All our wisdom is stored in the trees” - Santosh Kalwar

Trees hold a sacred place in the kingdom of plants. They live in symbiosis with fungi on and below the forest floor, allowing them to communicate, share nutrients, and provide habitat for other forest beings. They are givers of life and keepers of wisdom. They grow from tiny seeds into long-lived beings, with roots extending deep into the Earth Mother and branches reaching high for the heavens. The natural succession of the landscape, from meadows to trees to old-growth forests, is Nature's ultimate goal.

Trees help us quiet our minds to hear the intuitive teacher within. Whenever I enter a forest seeking answers and centering, I sit below a tree to find calm and peace, and as I connect to its roots, I can access its wisdom. It is no wonder that the practice of forest bathing, connecting mindfully with the forest, is attracting humans to the immense medicine that trees provide. Our essences from Nature are valuable because many people don’t have easy access to the forest.

Alder essence helps us access light and information beyond our standard range of perception to gain clarity and a deeper level of knowing to support our soul’s evolution.

Black Spruce essence connects us to our ancestral heritage, the wisdom within, and the planet's collective consciousness, so we can apply this wisdom to our present life situations.

Paper Birch essence provides a fresh perspective by helping us get back in touch with our genuine and essential selves, where peace and joy reside at the deepest levels of our being.