Thriving in today's world

The following four essential formulas and sprays benefit everyone living with the challenges of our modern times. Soul Support is our go-to formula for anything stressful or traumatic, helping us stay grounded and centered when chaos surrounds us. Fireweed Combo combines the transformational qualities of four fireweed species to help us stay present and engaged with any process of healing and change. Calling All Angels connects us to Divine Nurturing energy that lifts us up to know all is well when we feel troubled and unsupported. Easy Learning helps us stay focused on whatever task or job is in front of us, whether it’s a day at the office or school, improving all aspects of learning and processing information.

Soul Support Emergency Formula is our #1 remedy for stress, emotional upset, trauma, or whenever life feels overwhelming. It provides strength and stability and helps us remain present and grounded to process what is happening around us and within us. In times of upheaval, we tend to keep moving forward while blocking and ignoring stressful energy and emotions. Soul Support helps us keep our energy moving so we don't need to deal with a backlog of stuck, unprocessed energy and emotions later.

Our Soul Support Spray contains this formula plus the soothing, clarifying properties of a high-quality organic Lavender oil. This spray is beneficial for calming, grounding, and centering the energy in your environment and your personal energy field.

Use Soul Support to:

  • Comfort yourself when feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • Maintain your center after receiving disturbing news
  • Stay grounded in crucial meetings and conversations
  • Ease your stress and anxiety around family or work situations
  • Calm your pets during stressful events
  • Ease the stress of accidents and injuries
  • Remain calm during visits to the doctor or dentist

Fireweed Combo Transformation Formula contains four different fireweed species growing in unique ecosystems: Fireweed, White Fireweed, River Beauty, and Dwarf Fireweed. Fireweed is one of the first plants to grow after the soil has been disturbed by wilderness fires and floods and where glaciers are receding. It thrives in nutrient-poor soils to restore balance to disturbed and damaged environments. In turn, these flower essences reconnect our physical body to the life force of the Earth and her etheric network of restorative vital energy. This connection provides the grounding and stability we need to cope with constant change and allows us to view adverse circumstances as the potential for cleansing and growth. As the old falls away, we can create experiences filled with beauty and joy.

Use Fireweed Combo to:

  • Ease transformational experiences, especially in the middle of an intense healing process
  • Strengthen your grounding connection to the Earth so your energy system will be more stable and better able to cope with change
  • Shift the whole transformative process to a deeper level by releasing layers of deep pain and emotional trauma being held at the cellular level of the body
  • Stay engaged with the transformative process until you have resolved all of the issues that are connected to it
  • Reconnect with the desired levels of joy and happiness that are your birthright

Calling All Angels Divine Nurturing Formula helps us feel embraced, uplifted, and know all is well on this rocky ride called life. It is like a big hug from the angels! The essences in this formula bring uplifting and protective energy, allowing us to experience the support and love from the angelic kingdom and all of Nature. It delivers a soft, loving, and serene embrace to your heart, physical body, and environment.

The Calling All Angels Spray contains this formula plus precious essential oils to enhance its energetic qualities. The joyful and calming scents of Bulgarian Red Rose Otto, Alpine Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, and Carnation Absolute encourage the release of tension in our hearts so we can open and receive loving peace from the angelic realms.

Use Calling all Angels to:

  • Bring more joy and peace into your life
  • Strengthen the knowledge that the angels are here to guide, support, and protect you
  • Develop a vital awareness of your angelic nature
  • Experience the love of the angelic kingdom in your physical body
  • Create a sacred and protected space for sleeping and dreaming

Easy Learning Focus & Integration Formula is for those heading back to school, the office, or when you struggle to complete your to-do lists. Easy Learning helps us stay focused in the classroom and behind the desk! It supports our ability to process and integrate information, increasing our understanding and the logical application of knowledge. Easy Learning clears our minds to methodically prioritize our tasks and eliminate distractions, making it easier to find a productive workflow.

The Easy Learning Spray contains this formula plus the organic essential oils of Basil, Coriander, Fresh Ginger, Laurel, Lemon, Rosemary, and Spearmint. These bright and refreshing oils enhance memory and mental focus, relieve mental fatigue, and promote inspiration.

Use Easy Learning when:

  • Your brain feels foggy or fried from information overload
  • You have a lot to do but can't figure out what the next steps should be
  • School or work projects are dragging or seem overwhelming
  • You need assistance in any learning process at home, work, or school

How to use these Formulas and Sprays

Take two drops of the formulas four times daily, straight from the bottle, or put the drops in your water or tea whenever you need support. Using them continuously for a few weeks can be helpful to shift your feelings and related behavior. Use the sprays in your home, places of work or study, or wherever you need to invoke immediate support in your energy field and environment. Using the formulas and sprays simultaneously provides a robust system of energetic support.