Twelve essential flower essences

We'd like to introduce to you twelve must-have flower essences to help us live balanced and fulfilled lives. We chose these essences because they cover a wide range of healing qualities that support crucial aspects of day-to-day life. These gifts from nature encourage our natural ability to thrive by helping us be more present, understand our thoughts and emotions, ease our minds, see the positive aspects of things, and trust in the divine unfolding of our lives. There is something for everyone and every stage of life. We think you will find them invaluable.

Protective energy: Yarrow
This flower essence helps those experiencing oversensitivity to the environment know they are the source of their own protection. Yarrow does this by sealing energy breaks in the aura and strengthening the overall integrity of our energy field.

Understanding your life purpose: Shooting Star
This flower essence provides comfort, safety, and clarity for those who have difficulty feeling at home. Shooting Star strengthens our connection to our inner spiritual guidance and brings a deeper understanding of why we are here.

Transforming thoughts that cause fear: Foxglove
Foxglove flower essence empowers us to live without fear and take our next steps confidently. It expands our perspective to see beyond what we fear into the underlying thoughts, feelings, and belief systems responsible for it.

Developing trust: Bog Rosemary
This essential flower essence builds trust in ourselves when we fear the unknown. Bog Rosemary promotes the release of fear and resistance held deep in the heart and assures us of Divine healing and support.

Peaceful mind: Cassandra
This calming flower essence enables us to perceive life from a quiet inner perspective by encouraging stillness of mind. Cassandra is helpful when we feel anxious and cannot relax and shift our attention from the outer world to the inner world.

From distraction to focus: Bunchberry
Bunchberry flower essence promotes mental steadfastness, focus, and emotional clarity in demanding situations. It’s helpful when we are easily distracted by or caught up in the emotional and mental turmoil around us.

Presence in communication: Twinflower
This flower essence helps us listen and speak to others from inner calm, presence, and focused neutrality. Twinflower is essential for anyone who wants to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Abundant mindset: Blueberry Pollen
This pollen essence helps shift our mindset and beliefs about our ability to manifest abundance. When we move beyond our previous levels of limitation and fears about the future, we allow ourselves to attract and receive all we require and desire to live our lives to their fullest.

From resentment to forgiveness: Mountain Wormwood
Mountain Wormwood flower essence stimulates the release of resentment and the healing of old wounds. It assists when we cannot easily forgive ourselves or others for past actions regardless of their intent.

Recovering from loss: River Beauty
River Beauty is the essence of emotional recovery, reorientation, and regeneration. This flower essence helps us start over after emotionally devastating experiences by empowering us to use adverse circumstances as opportunities for cleansing and growth.

Letting go of tension: Dandelion
Dandelion flower essence promotes awareness and release of emotional tension in our muscles. It increases body-mind communication to better identify the underlying issues and attitudes that lead to creating and holding stress in our bodies.

Recovery from shock and trauma: Cotton Grass
Cotton Grass flower essence helps us recover from shock and trauma resulting from accidents or injuries by shifting our focus to the healing occurring and away from the discomfort. Its most important gift is to help us understand the core issues that led to an accident or injury, so we can completely release the trauma associated with it.