Unpacking our Emotional Baggage for Improved Relationships

We all have baggage from the past affecting our current relationships, whether it's with our romantic partner, family members, friends, or colleagues. Emotional baggage is normal, but it's important to understand how this can impact us today. Unresolved emotions can take a toll on our relationships in the shape of insecurity, taking things personally, feeling overly sensitive, assigning blame, disproportionate emotional reactions, and building walls by withdrawing and dismissing our own emotions and the emotions of others.

Lucky for us, every interaction with the people in our lives is an opportunity to become more aware of the patterns we need to release. Our relationships are like mirrors, reflecting the parts of ourselves that are healthy and balanced, as well as the unresolved layers of emotional pain. Sometimes our interactions with others trigger these old layers and our so-called buttons get pushed, causing us to react with defensiveness, sadness, or maybe by closing our hearts to protect ourselves. These interactions can provide deep healing if we are willing to look at what we have buried inside and how the past is affecting our current life and relationships.

Essences can help us unpack and let go of our emotional baggage. The essences featured in this article increase our self-awareness by shining a light on the emotional and mental patterns we must address to live more freely. They provide the gift of healing and emotional growth by helping us look at ourselves openly and honestly and supporting us as we let go of the past.

Sweetgale - emotional clarity in communication

Jacob’s Ladder - releasing the need to mentally control events in our life

Blue Elf Viola - understanding and releasing anger through the heart

Green Bog Orchid - compassion for our healing process

Full Moon Reflection - brings suppressed issues into the light of awareness

Rose/Smoky Quartz - releases pain and sadness held deeply in the heart