When being highly sensitive is a challenge

People with an exceptional ability to feel the energy and emotions of others are often considered to be highly sensitive. High sensitivity can be an extraordinary gift if you know how to embody it, but for some, it can be difficult to thrive or cope as a sensitive person.

You might be highly sensitive if you:

  • are easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input
  • often need time to be by yourself free from any stimulation
  • are affected by the moods of people around you
  • have difficulty relaxing and grounding in busy environments
  • are easily overstimulated, both physically and emotionally
  • feel unsafe or don't feel at home in your surroundings
  • avoid certain places or people
  • feel drained after talking or working with others

The following essences help strengthen the energy field of the body so the highly sensitive can operate with greater integrity. These essences provide the protection, stability, safety, and grounding necessary to feel safe—all of the things the highly sensitive require to function in the world and share their unique gifts with others.

Guardian Healthy Boundaries Formula

Guardian is a special blend of Alaskan Flower, Gem, and Environmental essences that help create a powerful force-field of protection in your aura. It invokes positive, harmonious energies that help you claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding, and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries. Our number #1 best-seller for sensitive people, and children! This formula is also available as a spray.

The essences in Guardian:
Covellite: builds strength, clarity, and definition of the auric field
Devil’s Club: clears ambivalence about being present in our physical body and on Earth
Round-Leaf Orchid: helps us live more deeply in our hearts, especially in times of confusion and chaos
Stone Circle: provides a highly protective energy that invites us to relax, rest, and replenish our vital forces
White Violet: builds trust in the protection our Higher Self provides
Yarrow: seals energy breaks in the aura to help us know and be the source of our own protection

Angelica: increases awareness of our inherent angelic love and protection
Angelica flower essence makes it easier for us to contact the abundance of spiritual support and angelic protection available to us all. It simply asks us to approach life with openness, focus, and a willingness to receive. This essence is helpful for when we feel lost, abandoned, or overburdened by life. Angelica's embrace enables us to bring ourselves fully into the physical realm without resistance. It helps us be here, connected to the earth, not out drifting around in the spiritual realm. It infuses the feeling that all is safe and all is good. This essence also heals old memories of not being safe. As we open to the support and protection the essence offers, we experience more safety, comfort, and pleasure in life. We are better able to stay calm and at ease. Life’s challenges will still come, but we will be able to stay present regardless of their severity.

Black Tourmaline: releases energies taken on from others or the environment
Black Tourmaline gem elixir is a precision tool for the release of toxic or stagnant energy held in the chakras, subtle bodies, physical body, and the environment. It absorbs inharmonious energies and exchanges them for fresh, clean energy. This essence is grounding and cleansing, which is helpful when we are overwhelmed by energies in the environment, such as electromagnetic pollution. Black Tourmaline is an important component of our Purification and Travel Ease formulas.

Rutilated Quartz: increases our ability to access, synthesize, and express information from the spiritual realms
Rutilated Quartz gem elixir helps when we’re getting too much information or no information at all from the spiritual realms or our higher self. When we receive information from the higher realms we can become overwhelmed or have difficulty understanding and integrating the information, this essence helps focus our attention and anchor it into the physical body. Anchoring and grounding increase the clarity and comprehension of what we are receiving from the higher realms. Rutilated Quartz is important for those of us who would like to open up to our guides and other sources of spiritual assistance, but are hesitant with a fear of not being able to deal with the energy and information that might come in. In this context, Rutilated Quartz brings more discernment to the process of accessing higher information so we can receive it without losing focus and getting lost in the flow.

Tiger's Eye: maintain a strong sense of self when dealing with powerful emotions
Tiger’s Eye gem elixir is helpful for those who are strongly affected by emotions like anger, fear, or jealousy, whether the emotions are their own or they belong to others. This essence helps us maintain a strong sense of self-identity so we don't assimilate energies that are not our own. In turn, Tiger’s Eye helps to clarify how we perceive the emotions we are holding so we can recognize and release emotional content that isn't ours. Freed from energies that don't belong to us, we are able to create a sense of self with our own feelings and our authentic emotional interactions with others.

Pasque Flower: strengthens and protects our deepest sense of self
The essence of Pasque Flower supports those who tend to be shy and aloof, who feel over-sensitive to physical contact, or lose their sense of self in crowded or intimate situations. This essence helps us create and maintain security through the development of functional energy boundaries. With healthy boundaries, we feel respected, appreciate, protected, and able to maintain our deepest sense of personal identity in all situations.

More Essences to Support the Highly Sensitive

Hematite: helps us create and maintain appropriate emotional boundaries so that we can be emotionally connected to others while feeling completely safe and self-contained

Star Ruby: promotes sharp focus in the present moment for those who are easily distracted and have difficulty focusing due to a lack of grounding

Blue Topaz: encourages the clear expression of our soul's identity through the evolution of our thinking processes

Stinging Nettle: promotes grounding and reconnection after being overwhelmed by too much input

Red Elder: improves our grounding and physical presence by helping us release mental and emotional tension to the Earth

Comandra: helpful for those who are sensitive to higher dimensions of reality, but have difficulty translating what they receive into practical and useful information for the here and now

Lapis Lazuli: helps us communicate information of a higher nature in a clear and understandable way

Chalice Well: connects us to the profoundly personal and eternal support of the angelic, elemental, plant, and mineral kingdoms

Travel Ease: (not only for traveling!) while specifically designed to help us feel protected on airplanes, this formula is also helpful for any kind of sensitivity to electronics and radiation