Guardian Spray - 4 oz

Guardian Spray - 4 oz

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The Guardian Spray helps you create a powerful force field of protection in your aura and environment. It contains the following essences: CovelliteDevil's Club,  Round-Leaf OrchidStone Circle, White VioletYarrow (all in our Guardian Healthy Boundaries Formula). These essences enable you to claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding, and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries.

Guardian Spray also contains the essential oils of Himalayan Cedar, Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Melissa, and Tangerine. These oils enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the essences and add uplifting notes of joy and playfulness.

Use the Guardian Spray when you want to invoke the energies of calm, stability, and security. Spray your aura and your immediate surroundings to feel strong and safe while maintaining your openness and sensitivity.

This spray is especially useful for those of us who are highly sensitive. We often feel our sensitivity is a curse instead of a blessing because we don't know how to keep the energies in our environment from penetrating and depleting us. The Guardian Spray reminds us that we are the source of our own protection. It connects us with our inner light and helps us to radiate this powerful energy outward into our surroundings. This helps us stay open and sensitive, while feeling sealed and protected.

Use the Guardian Spray when you:

  • Are ambivalent about being present in your body and on the Earth, because you don't feel safe or protected
  • Are unable to embody your sensitivity in a practical and easy way because of a lack of functional energy boundaries
  • Want to set a grounded and protected energy into your environment
  • Work around computers and other electromagnetic equipment
  • Are doing Space Clearing, Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, or similar work that requires you to enter into another person's working or living space

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