Soul Support - 1 oz

Soul Support - 1 oz

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Soul Support is our emergency care formula. It brings strength and stability during emergencies, stress, trauma and transformation, while providing support to rejuvenate and restore balance on all levels. This formula is known to be helpful in the following situations:

  • Accidents involving injury, shock and trauma
  • Emotional catharsis and violent outbursts
  • Fear of flying
  • Before, during and after visits to the dentist
  • After receiving bad news
  • After a fight, argument or disagreement
  • Divorce, job changes and moving to a new place
  • Recovery after trauma
  • Before and immediately after surgery and during recovery
  • Abrupt and/or major changes in plans
  • In an animal shelter and for wild animal rescue and rehabilitation work
  • For any transition, challenge, or initiation

Instructions for Use: Soul Support can be used by the whole family. For children, dilute the stock drops in water if giving orally. In times of acute stress take four drops directly from the bottle under the tongue, or add to a glass of water or juice and sip frequently (every hour or even more).

For additional support, you can use the Soul Support Spray.

For animals: put 4 drops in their water bowl and if necessary also 4 drops in their food. In acute circumstances in which the animal does not want to eat or drink: put some drops on your hand and pet the animal.

The essences in this formula:

Fireweed - heals shock and trauma; strengthens our grounding connection to the Earth

River Beauty - an essence of emotional recovery, reorientation and regeneration

White Fireweed - calms the emotional body after a shocking experience

Labrador Tea - relieves stress associated with the experience of extremes

Cotton Grass - heals shock and trauma resulting from accidents or injuries

Cattail Pollen - helps us connect with our inner strength and alignment

Ruby - energizes and balances the 1st chakra and improves our grounding

Malachite - align the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of our being in a grounded way

Chalice Well - connects us with the eternal support that is available from the angelic, elemental, plant and mineral kingdoms