Sweetgrass Hydrosol


$ 30.00

"I have used the Sweetgrass Hydrosol in every Space Clearing I have done since I discovered it. Its action is gentle but strong, and it excels in removing old energetic debris from a space, on any level. It works in a similar way as the flower essence, helping to 'sweep up' any residual energy left from previous cycles of activity. It can also be used as an invocation spray to bring a fresh new energy into the space once its been cleared. In either case, its wonderful scent lingers for quite a long time. And its very handy to use in situations where smudging is impractical or not allowed." ~ Steve Johnson, founder of Alaskan Essences.

Note: During the months of October through March, this hydrosol must be shipped by Air to prevent freezing. Therefore, during this time you must select Priority Mail as your delivery method as we will not ship it by Fed Ex Ground or Home Delivery.

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