Animal Care Spray - 2 oz

Animal Care Spray - 2 oz

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Our Animal Care Spray combines a special blend of Alaskan flower and gem essences designed to assist in animal rescue work, although helpful for every animal in need. Besides these healing essences, the spray also contains a very small amount of two high quality organic essential oils: Lemon Grass and Roman Chamomile. These oils enhance the calming effects of the essences in the formula and add their refreshing qualities to the spray.

Mist the Animal Care Spray around the area where the animal sleeps or rests. Keep at least 2-3 feet distance and - use it like a room spray. It will be especially helpful when you are working with injured animals or those behaving aggressively.

Note: do not spray directly on the animal!  

Read more about animals here.

See also our Animal Care Rescue Formula. The essences that are used in this formula:

Alpine Azalea flower essence helps animals cut off from their natural habitat or regular contact with nature. This includes dogs or cats who live in an apartment with no outdoor space, or a parrot living in captivity. Alpine Azalea helps these animals strengthen the link with their inner nature and their ancestral energy.

Black Tourmaline gem elixir releases toxic energy that has been picked up from their owner/guardian, the public, zoo staff, handlers, or even rescue or sanctuary personnel. It helps animals who have been or are still being kept in small cages or less-than-optimum living conditions release toxic energy they have absorbed while in captivity.

Chiming Bells flower essence treats the imbalances and depression that occur when an animal has been alone for a long time, separated from its humans, animal friends, or in the case of a wild animal, separated from its kind and natural habitat.

Cotton Grass flower essence releases the pain and stress of a prolonged struggle for survival that occurs before animals are rescued and brought to a treatment center. This essence also helps release the stress of being handled every day to receive treatment so it doesn’t build up in their bodies.

Horsetail flower essence improves communication between animals and humans and also between animals. Communication is essential for animals reintroduced to their native habitats after some time away and for those learning to survive in a sanctuary or zoo, where they will live among animals they wouldn't normally encounter.

Jadeite Jade gem elixir helps when an animal is agitated, irritated, and aggressive due to being captured and held in captivity. Jadeite Jade calms the animals as they adjust to their present circumstances. When used in advance, this essence eases the stress of an animal returning to its habitat, an animal sanctuary, or a zoo.

Lady's Slipper flower essence helps animals who have experienced stress from inadequate living conditions. It increases the circulation of energy and improves the flow of an animal's life-force energy when the animal is confined to a cage or area that is too small to move around sufficiently.