Living Book Online Repertory

Our new Alaskan Essences Online Repertory, also known as the “Living Book,” is a compilation of all of the information we currently have on every essence in our system. We offer this repertory as a continually evolving interactive vehicle for the sharing and exchange of information on the Alaskan Essences.

The research of vibrational essences is a living, ongoing process. The information presented here has come from a number of different sources, including but not limited to:

  • Meditative attunements conducted during the initial and subsequent preparations of each essence.
  • Over 30 years of feedback from clients, therapists and practitioners around the world who have worked with the essences in a variety of therapeutic situations.
  • Carefully documented case histories submitted to satisfy the requirements of our Practitioner Certification Program.

It has been almost nine years since Steve Johnson’s most recent book, “The Essence of Healing-Second Edition”, was in print. This repertory greatly expands the information presented in that book. Here is a summary of what is available now and planned for the future.

  • Each essence now has its own page.
  • Information on all 72 of the essences in our Flower Essence Practitioner Kit has been reviewed and updated. New Essence Research information has been added for 28 of these essences.
  • The healing qualities have been greatly expanded for all 48 essences in our Gem Elixir Kit.
  • Information on the 12 essences in the Environmental Kit has been reviewed and updated.
  • The Research Flower Essences and Research Gem Elixirs now have Indications.
  • Keywords have been added for all essences in the repertory and are interactive.
  • Keywords by Essence Name: This new section contains all of the keywords given for each essence in our system and is fully interactive.
  • The Cross-Reference of Healing Qualities has been updated and expanded to include every essence in our system, as well as our sprays.
  • A gorgeous picture for each essence, combination, and spray, with zooming capability.
  • Live Search Function: The repertory is fully searchable by keyword, essence name, or any word you choose.
  • Blog: Announcements of updates to the repertory will be made in a blog format which will also serve as a forum for comments from users.

In the future we will include:

  • Affirmations for all essences in the Gem Elixir Kit.
  • Audio excerpts from past classes and workshops.
  • Photo galleries.
  • Video links showing the essence plants in their habitats.
  • Ongoing updates of all essences as information becomes available.
Access to the Repertory

Individuals and organizations may gain unlimited, lifetime access by making a one time payment. A free 3-Day Trial Membership is also available for those who just want to go in and have a look around.  

Membership Type Price
*Individual $35
*Clinic/School $50

*The ‘Clinic/School’ level is for those who want to access the repertory on multiple computers or devices at the same time. *Individuals may access the repertory on more than one computer, but not at the same time.

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