Living Book Online Repertory

Our  Alaskan Essences Online Repertory, also known as the “Living Book”, is a compilation of all of the information we currently have on every essence in our system. We offer this repertory as a continually evolving interactive vehicle for the sharing and exchange of information on the Alaskan Essences.

The research of vibrational essences is a living, ongoing process. The information presented here has come from a number of different sources, including but not limited to:

  • Meditative attunements conducted during the initial and subsequent preparations of each essence.
  • Over 30 years of feedback from clients, therapists and practitioners around the world who have worked with the essences in a variety of therapeutic situations.
  • Carefully documented case histories submitted to satisfy the requirements of our Practitioner Certification Program.

It has been many years since Steve Johnson’s most recent book, “The Essence of Healing-Second Edition”, was in print. This repertory greatly expands the information presented in that book. Here is a summary of what is available.

  • Each essence has its own page.
  • Information on all 72 of the essences in our Flower Essence Practitioner Kit has been reviewed and updated. New Essence Research information has been added for 28 of these essences.
  • The healing qualities have been greatly expanded for all 48 essences in our Gem Elixir Kit.
  • Information on the 12 essences in the Environmental Kit has been reviewed and updated.
  • Keywords have been added for all essences in the repertory and are interactive.
  • Keywords by Essence Name: This new section contains all of the keywords given for each essence in our system and is fully interactive.
  • The Cross-Reference of Healing Qualities has been updated and expanded to include every essence in our system, as well as our sprays.
  • A gorgeous picture for each essence.
  • Live Search Function: The repertory is fully searchable by keyword, essence name, or any word you choose.

In the future we will include ongoing updates of all essences as information becomes available. 

    Access to the Repertory

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