The start of each new year is like an annual reset. It provides us with an opportunity to choose to do things differently when the old ways are no longer working. So, we set intentions and goals that provide us with greater personal benefits: work smarter instead of harder, exercise more, go to bed earlier, eat healthier, start the day with yoga, spend less time on social media, skip the news, have more fun, spend more time in nature, meditate every day, among many others.

Do you follow through and succeed with your resolutions? Or do you slip back into the comfort of known habits and behaviors that don’t improve your life while beating yourself up and wondering why?

Often, we have ingrained belief systems and subconscious thoughts that keep us from making the changes we desire. Flower essences can help us receive insights into these limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, and non-serving thoughts. They can help us see clearly what we are doing and how we are trapped in our own patterns. Essences help us find new ways of looking at ourselves and our lives. 

We have selected six essences to help you on your journey from the old to the new. These essences are 25% off for the whole month of February. 

Portage Glacier - Tamarack - Bunchberry - Alpine Azalea - Willow - Labrador Tea

1/4 oz stock regular: $10.00 - Special $7.50

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Portage Glacier - Release of old habits that are no longer useful. Sometimes you just need some support in letting go. The Portage Glacier environmental essence is an extremely powerful catalyst for cleansing that can be used to clear toxins from the physical, mental and emotional body. It can facilitate the release of outdated thoughts, belief systems, and emotional patterns that are no longer useful, necessary, or contributing to your health and well-being. Click here to order.

Tamarack – Awareness and confidence in your unique skills and potentials. If somewhere deep inside yourself you believe you can’t do it, that belief is making it difficult for yourself. The energy of Tamarack enhances your awareness of who you are and strengthens the knowing of your true self, your unique abilities, and what you can do. It helps maintain a conscious, grounded connection with the source of your own individuality. Click here to order. 

Bunchberry - Release of attachment to distraction. Bunchberry essence is for individuals who are easily distracted, who lack the concentration required to complete a mentally demanding task, and for those who are unable to maintain their internal focus during times of emotional turmoil. We often get distracted because we don’t believe there is going to be time for everything. This essence shows us there is enough time, but each thing must find its own time, its right time. This is an especially important essence for those who feel they always have too much to do. Bunchberry promotes mental strength and clarity and helps us experience increased levels of concentration and focus. Click here to order.

Alpine Azalea - Stop doubting and judging yourself. Are there parts of yourself you lack compassion for? Do you beat up on yourself when things don’t work out or when you don’t accomplish what you want? Is it possible that some of your new year’s resolutions come from a place of self-judgment? Self-judgment will never reveal your true self. The attitude of conditional self-acceptance maintains an imbalance deep within the heart which prevents our vital life-force from entering and circulating throughout the body. The Alpine Azalea essence connects us with the energy of love. As we open our hearts to this penetrating energy we are able to release old patterns of self-doubt. This essence helps us create an unconditional level of self-understanding and compassion in our lives. Click here to order.

Willow - You are the creator of your own lifeDo you sometimes blame others for your problems and difficulties? Do you feel resistance when hearing new ideas or new ways of doing things? Willow essence helps you remove your resistance to consciously creating your life. It helps you become aware of and then dissolve self-imposed mental limitations so that you may come into a greater alignment with universal principles of thought and illumination. This essence helps you give birth to positive life experiences by asking you to take a greater level of conscious responsibility for your own creative mental processes. As you embody the attitudes of flexible mind and resilient understanding, you will be at peace and find joy in the act of living. Click here to order.

Labrador Tea – Let go of addictions. Labrador Tea is particularly helpful for those of us who throughout our lives have attempted to balance one extreme with another. A common example is over-work and the habitual use of addictive substances such as coffee, tobacco, and alcohol. It is difficult to stop using these substances because they bring a sense of equilibrium that we feel we can no longer achieve without them. To make matters worse, this feeling of stability is temporary; attempts to maintain it over time require increasing amounts of the addictive substances and eventually lead to deeper levels of instability. 

This essence works by strengthening our center so we require less of these substances to maintain our balance until we arrive at a place where using them actually makes us feel worse instead of better. Some of us might find it necessary to work with Labrador Tea over an extended period of time, so it will have the opportunity to move through and bring harmony to all areas of our lives. When used with this intention, the essence will first work to open our awareness to the fact that a particular imbalance exists. It will then support us in making the necessary mental, emotional, and physical adjustments that are required to bring each part of us back into balance. Click here to order.

If you purchase all six of these specially discounted essences you will receive them in a sturdy and attractive kit box!

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