While living our lives fully, we face a wide range of experiences, opportunities, and emotions. Sometimes life seems easy and we feel like we are on top of the world, in control and manifesting our desires. Other times life knocks us off track, and unforeseen challenges make us feel vulnerable and uncertain. In our vulnerability, we often wonder what we did wrong, why things aren't going as planned, and how we can feel balanced, steady and joyful again?

Responding to challenges may cause us to:

  • overthink our situation, trying to control the outcome

  • trust our head more than we trust our heart

  • withdraw into ourselves and lose our grounding connection to the earth

  • doubt ourselves and our choices

  • feel disconnected from our inner guidance and spiritual support

  • To regain our balance we need to:

  • reestablish communication between the mind and heart

  • reconnect and listen to our inner guidance

  • let the energy of our Source flow through us and trust that life is perfectly unfolding

  • reconnect with Earth and her nurturing energy

  • feel the continuous angelic support that is there

  • We have selected six essences to help smooth out this bumpy road of life. These essences help us realign with Source and the Earth to feel safe and grounded. They help us reconnect with our heart and trust our intuition so we are more able to go with the flow from a centered place. They help us access divine support when we fear the unknown. These six essences are 25% off until March 31st.

    Cloudberry * Red Elder * Wild Rhubarb * Lilac * Malachite * Bog Rosemary

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    And our popular Calling All Angels Spray is 20% off until March 31st. Use it whenever you feel bummed out, lost, or lonely. It will help you reconnect with your own spiritual support.

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    Cloudberry essence is helpful when we become overwhelmed with details or obsessed with trying to figure things out. It helps us shift our attention from distractions and frustrating mental exercises, to realize a calm and focused inner sight and attunement to Source. It reminds us that the answers we seek won't come through the mind, they will come from listening and looking within. Cloudberry promotes the realization that the easiest way to confront change is to surrender to our inner guidance, and then allow our new awareness to inform our actions. Click HERE to order.

    Red Elder essence is feminine, nurturing, gentle and soft. It broadcasts a message from the Earth that all is well. This essence improves our grounding and physical presence by connecting our energy field to the Earth where we can release mental and emotional tension. This is important for people who live or spend most of their time in their thoughts attempting to keep track of everything that is going on, or in the spiritual realms. It helps us view life from the center rather than from the periphery. Click HERE to order.

    Lilac essence offers an unconditional quality of healing energy that is available to us regardless of our stories, issues, or degree of misalignment. It helps us understand that it doesn't matter what has happened to us, or even what our current attitude is, we can always open to the Light. Lilac opens the crown chakra and the whole energy system to an infusion of light from Source. It brings a strong, tangible and generous over-lighting presence to gracefully raise the frequency of your energy field. Click HERE to order.

    Wild Rhubarb essence helps us find a healthy balance between the rational mind and intuitive heart, so we can let go of mental control and fear-based impulses. Wild Rhubarb clears and expands the channel of communication between our higher self, heart, and mind. The true position of the mind is being in service to the heart and open to the guidance of the higher self. When we are guided by our Higher Self, we are able to think new thoughts, gain fresh perspectives, make plans for action, and find solutions to our problems. Click HERE to order.

    Malachite is our primary gem elixir for grounding. Our connection with the Earth is tested each time we move into new levels of experience. Malachite helps us recalibrate our grounding and unify all levels of our being after any intense experience of growth. Malachite grounds all parts of our energy field to the Earth and supports the energetic unity of the body/soul connection in all circumstances. When reunification happens after a cycle of spiritual growth, we will be able to start the next cycle from a coherent, ordered, and grounded place. Click HERE to order.

    Bog Rosemary essence strengthens the virtue of trust when we have become immobilized by fear of the unknown. It extends its energy to our hearts enabling us to access divine support while being present with our deepest fears. It helps us release our fears by shining the light of awareness. Each time we confront and embrace a new part of ourselves in this way, we allow a deeper penetration of light, building more trust in ourselves. We learn most of our life lessons with other people through situations we create together. The challenge is to not become entangled in the lives of others or distracted from the healing our inner-self requires. At the deepest level, Bog Rosemary asks us to place unlimited trust in our inner process, to allow divine healing to move into all areas of our lives, and through all the people and situations we encounter. Click HERE to order.

    Calling All Angels Spray is one of our most popular products! It combines the healing quality of the following four essences: Angelica - connect to the protective energies of the angelic kingdom. Chalice Well - feeling peace from an awareness of Divine Support from all kingdoms. Chiming Bells - feeling pure joy and optimism. Kunzite - experience the spiritual love of the angelic kingdom in the heart. The essential oils of Bulgarian Red Rose Otto, Carnation, Alpine Lavender and Pink Grapefruit complement the essences. The oils have a very joyful and calming effect and they promote the release of tension and help us open our hearts to the love and peace of the angels. Click HERE for the 2 oz and HERE for the 4 oz.

    Use the Calling All Angels Spray to:

    • Come into a stronger awareness of your own angelic nature
    • Strengthen the knowledge that you are guided, supported, and protected by the angels
    • Experience the love of the angelic kingdom in your physical body
    • Bring the essence of joy and peace into your daily life
    • Make a stronger connection to the Divine Feminine
    • Create a sacred and protected space for sleeping and dreaming

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