We would like to introduce you to some of our all-time favorite and best-selling essences. Our customers have chosen these essences repeatedly for their effectiveness, heart-centered strengthening, and their ability to help us move from a place of crisis and upheaval to balance and recovery. We chose two of each type of essence: Flower, Gem, and Environmental, creating an encompassing balance of the healing powers of Nature. These six essences are our allies in the highest sense of the word.

Blue Elf Viola's cheerful demeanor helps resolve long-held anger, transforming it within our heart and bringing resolution to core issues. Yarrow essence helps sensitive people strengthen their personal boundaries and teaches us that our inner Light is our true protection. Gold gem elixir helps us tap into truth, joy, and wisdom as a source of creative power, and it helps build our self-esteem. Rose Quartz gem elixir strengthens the flow of energy to the heart and helps us maintain greater intimacy with ourselves, others, and the planet. Northern Lights environmental essence, the "rainbow of the night," supports the creation of a new matrix of Universal Love, liberating our earthbound perspective of life especially when we are poised on the edge of a breakthrough in consciousness. And finally, an all-encompassing example of unconditional love and support: Chalice Well environmental essence, made in the Chalice Well Gardens of Glastonbury, England.

These six essences are 25% off for the month of August:

Blue Elf Viola * Yarrow * Gold * Rose Quartz * Northern Lights * Chalice Well

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Blue Elf Viola is cheerful and calming. Its vibration helps us understand and release deeply held emotion, especially anger and frustration. Anger is a healthy and cleansing part of our life-force that serves us best when flowing freely. When anger is unexpressed or bottled up we deplete our vital energy to keep it in place. Many of us may haven't learned how to express emotions in a balanced way, because our parents were not taught how to do this either. The essence of Blue Elf Viola brings the healing energy of the heart into this process, creating a bridge of love to heal and provide an opportunity to understand the issues at the core of our emotions. It helps us express ourselves in a clear and nonviolent way, forgive ourselves and others, and bring the cycle to completion. In this way, Blue Elf Viola empowers us to build a new foundation of emotional honesty that is clear, open, and always supported by the heart. Click HERE to order.

Yarrow is the go-to essence for sensitive people who have a tendency to absorb the energy of others and are oversensitive to the environment. Its powerful vibration increases awareness of the integrity of our energy field by reflecting its qualities back to us. Guided by this reflection, we are given the opportunity to strengthen the areas that are weak and reactive to outside influences. As we work with this process, we come to realize that our only true protection is the clarity and power of the light that radiates from within us. This essence is also helpful wherever there is a need to strengthen the aura against known environmental hazards such as electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, and fluorescent lights, and from the electronics on modern aircraft.  Click HERE to order.

Gold gem elixir brings strength, solidity, and balance to the third chakra. It helps us embrace our inner value and strengthens our self-esteem. The empowerment that comes from knowing oneself is very important because people who don’t or can’t sense their own inherent value often feel powerless and threatened, and are susceptible to having the values of other’s placed on them. On the other side of this coin, a person who knows their own value and worth affirms rather than challenges these qualities in others. Gold encourages mutual empowerment helping us co-create the kind of future we want to share with others. Its timely message is that as long as we are creating from our inner truth and integrity we will always add value to the whole. Therefore, we can build on what others have created and others can do the same without either side losing anything.  Click HERE to order.

The gift of Rose Quartz gem elixir is to strengthen and stabilize our hearts so we can let more love into our lives. This is especially helpful when our heart has closed down because we were not nurtured as a child or because of traumatic events. As we allow this flow of loving energy to increase, the defensive energies we put into place to protect our hearts are gently cleared away. These defenses are no longer needed because the strongest protection we can have is an open heart. This essence is also good for treating our inner child. Rose Quartz surrounds our inner child with a constant vibration of love and protection, which encourages it to relax and trust that all will be well.  Click HERE to order.

Northern Lights essence is often indicated when we are poised on the edge of a breakthrough in consciousness but we lack the energy to complete the process. In this instance, Northern Lights has the capacity to work with our energy patterns at an archetypal level, tapping into the fundamental creation forces of the Universal Field and gathering the energy we need to make the transition from the old to the new. As this essence was prepared under a green aurora, its healing focus is to support deep levels of re-patterning in the heart.  Click HERE to order.

Visiting the Chalice Well is an experience of pure grace. The frequency of energy emanating from this sacred well blesses and sustains all equally without judgment or rancor. The Chalice Well environmental essence connects us to the profoundly personal and eternal support that is constantly available from the angelic, elemental, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Its message is that we are not alone. We are a part of the entire web of life and All-that-Is and we can draw upon this matrix of support whenever we feel lost or need help to take the next step on our life's path.  Click HERE to order.

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