Beyond Words Spray - 2 oz

Beyond Words Spray - 2 oz

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Beyond Words is a communication spray that supports confident self-expression. The spray helps to clarify and organize your thoughts so you can put them into words easily. Excellent for writing, teaching, public speaking, interviews and every situation in which honesty, open communication and shared understanding is crucial such as work meetings, therapy sessions and family gatherings.

The spray contains our original Communication formula Beyond Words. and the essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Red Mandarin, Rose Geranium and Sandalwood. These oils have a grounding, calming and uplifting effect and promote mental clarity.

The essences used in Beyond Words Communication formula:

  • Azurite – helps us ground our communication; strengthens the connection between the Earth and our throat (5th) chakra; helps us communicate with vitality and authenticity.
  • Devil’s Club - helps us experience peace from knowing we are secure and in harmony with our surroundings; helps us express our truth firmly and clearly from the heart.
  • Lamb’s Quarters - heals separation between the heart and the mind; encourages the flowering of a softer and more heart-centered mental perspective.
  • Lapis Lazuli - opens and clears channels of communication in the throat (5th) chakra; amplifies the ability to hear and understand information from physical and nonphysical sources at the same time
  • Sweetgale - helps us identify and release deep emotional pain and tension that undermines the quality of our communication and interactions with others, especially in male/female relationships.
  • Twinflower - helps us learn to listen and speak to others from a place of inner calm and focused neutrality (in case of defensive and reactive communication).
  • Yellow Violet - gives us the strength and confidence to naturally express the essence of our beings without limitation or compromise, in all circumstances, also when there is a challenge or controversy around what needs to be said.