Dwarf Fireweed

Dwarf Fireweed - Epilobium adenocaulon

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Indications: attachment to difficulty; doing things the hard way; overwhelmed during any kind of transformative healing process.

Healing Qualities: helps us open to and experience transformation with gentleness, grace and ease; helps us fine tune how we move through a healing process so we do not create more difficulties or pain.

Ingredients: purified water, organic Demeter Certified Biodynamic® brandy (alcohol 20% by volume) and the vibrational infusion of Dwarf Fireweed - Epilobium adenocaulon.

Instructions for use: add 2 drops to a small cup of water and take a sip 4 times/daily. Read more here.

Dwarf Fireweed is also part of our Fireweed Combo Transformation Formula.