Environmental Essence Kit - 1 oz

Environmental Essence Kit - 1 oz

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Click here for the 1/4 oz kit.

This kit features our 12 original Environmental Essences. These essences help us create a clear and balanced inner environment for positive change and growth. They also support our work with flower essences, lending clarity and vitality to the healing processes catalyzed by the flowers. Environmental Essences are also very effective tools for Space Clearing.

The 12 stock bottles in this kit are presented in 1 box. 

Chalice Well - Full Moon Reflection - Glacier River - Greenland Icecap - Liard Hot Springs - Northern Lights - Polar Ice - Portage Glacier - Rock Spring - Solstice Sun - Stone Circle - Redoubt Volcano (Note: Redoubt Volcano temporarily replaces Tidal Forces which will be back in stock in summer 2021)

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