Helping Animals Heal with the Alaskan Essences

Helping Animals Heal with the Alaskan Essences

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This is a recording (2,5 hrs) of an online class held on May 17th 2024. 

In this class, you will learn how to improve the well-being of animals with the Alaskan Essences. Your teacher, Judith Poelarends, will define the factors that influence the well-being of animals and what it means for an animal to live with humans and depend on them for their care. She will clarify why and how animals acquire issues and problems, including how emotional and physical trauma affects their quality of life. Judith will also illustrate how animals can mirror what is occurring within their human companions and how they can be true teachers.

Participants will learn:

  • the fundamental factors that influence the well-being of animals
  • when and how to use flower, gem, and environmental essences for animals
  • some important Alaskan Essences that are vital to caring for animals with a variety of problems
  • how to recognize when animals mirror their person, and what to do

Everyone, regardless of whether you own and care for animals yourself, work as a flower essence practitioner, or practice other modalities for animals, can benefit from this class. Your presence and unique experiences are valued and welcomed!

The information shared in this class is based on Judith’s experience as animal scientist, animal communicator, flower essence practitioner and producer.

* After purchase, you will receive TWO downloads: 1) handouts with the slides and room for your notes; 2) a pdf with link to the recording. 
* The recording will be available thru the end of 2024.

By completing this purchase you acknowledge the following: Any filming, recording, copying, distributing, posting, transmitting, linking or showing to audiences without the express written permission of Alaskan Essences, Inc. is prohibited. Materials and information shared should not be used in place of professional veterinary care.

About the teacher, Judith Poelarends, M.Sc.

My roots are in the Netherlands, where I was born and raised and became an animal and nature lover. I studied Animal Science and earned a Master of Science degree from the Wageningen Agricultural University. I performed research in animal health and welfare for sixteen years, focusing on improving the lives of dairy cows.

Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge led me to learn more about animal communication, and to my amazement, I discovered I could telepathically communicate with animals. That discovery transformed my whole life, and I began to learn and engage more with intuitive healing work. I had been using flower essences for some time before I attended a one-year program on flower essences. I trained and certified as a flower essence practitioner with Bram Zaalberg of Bloesem Remedies Nederland. The year-long class and the added certification process initiated a significant turning point in my life.

I learned so much about myself, including who I am and what I am meant to do on this planet. Through Bram, I met Steve Johnson, the founder of Alaskan Essences. Steve and I eventually married, and I helped him facilitate practitioner trainings and other related flower essence classes during our life together. During the summers, we made essences together in Alaska. I didn't know then that I was preparing and training to continue his profound life work. When Steve passed away in March 2017, I became the director of Alaskan Essences.

I am inspired to continue sharing the Alaskan Essences with the world and teaching about the essences. I want to help others find the clarity and meaning that I found. I want others to know how easy it is to work with flower essences to experience their empowering and healing qualities in their lives. Essences helped me find the confidence to make significant decisions in my life. They continue to support me on my life's journey and help me feel more comfortable and safe on the Earth. I am excited to spread the word about the healing power of Nature and how we can access this healing support by using flower essences.