Jasmine Hydrosol


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This wonderful hydrosol is hydrodistilled in southern India from fresh Jasminum sambac flowers. It has a honeyed floral note with a fresh green sparkling accent.

Hydrodistillation is a very old form of aromatic plant distillation dating back to ancient India. The fragrant plant material is completely covered with water and distilled at a very low temperature and low pressure for a long period of time. The soul of the plant is released into the medium of water with no resistance using this method. The result is a rich yet exquisitely delicate bouquet.

Jasmine hydrosol is known to encourage self-esteem and optimism. It is a euphoric and in India it is considered as both a sensual and spiritual perfume of love.

It can be used during the invocation step in Space Clearing to bring in a sense of sacredness, sensuality, beauty, tranquility and a personal sense of connection to one's divinity.

Drinking Jasmine Hydrosol

Drinking hydrosols is a special and unique experience, allowing us to appreciate the aesthetic and vibrational qualities of the fragrance simultaneously. After drinking this hydrosol many experience their intuition opening and new thoughts and insights arriving with complete understanding. When the Jasmine hydrosol is consumed with sacred intention by a group, it can enhance a telepathic rapport with the soul of the plant and with each other! It is a great way to bring peace and balance to any group dynamic.

Use pure non-carbonated spring water as the medium for this hydrosol. The water can be room temperature or slightly chilled; the temperature will make a difference in taste perception. A medium sized snifter is ideal as it has the best shape to gather the bouquet of the hydrosol, but a nice wine glass will also work.

The ideal dosage is 5-6 sprays of the hydrosol to 4 oz of spring water. You can also add one spritz at a time, pausing to smell and sip until you discover the most pleasing intensity for you. Then continue to sip slowly and repeatedly.

Note: This hydrosol is always bottled in glass so during the months of October through March it must be shipped by Air to prevent freezing. Therefore, during this time please select any shipping method but Fed Ex Ground or Home Delivery.

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