Level 1 Practitioner Training (Friday) - Learning to use Flower Essences

Level 1 Practitioner Training (Friday) - Learning to use Flower Essences

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Learn the important basics about selecting and using essences for yourself. If you want to expand your knowledge and become a Flower Essence Practitioner we are also offering Levels 2 and 3 in fall 2024. After the completion of Levels 1, 2 and 3, you are eligible to complete the Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program.

* During four pre-recorded videos and four online live Zoom classes, you will learn how to improve your well-being by using flower essences. You will receive a link to the pre-recorded videos (+ hand-outs) one week before each live Zoom class. You can watch these at your own pace as often as you like.
* During the live classes, we will discuss the content from the videos and additional teachings. Plus, we’ll share our experiences and have time for inspiring conversation, Q&A, and nature attunement exercises.
* There is time between classes to study the essences, experience using flower essences for yourself, practice selection methods, and process your experiences between classes.
* If you are already familiar with using essences, you can still join us. We have had participants come in with essence experience who thoroughly enjoyed the course. There is always more to learn!

Practical details Level 1

    • 2024 Zoom Class dates: Friday, January 26, February 16, March 8, and March 29. Click here for the Thursday class,
    • Classes start at 10:00 am Mountain time (8:00 am Alaska; 9:00 am Pacific; 11:00 am Central; 12:00 pm Eastern; 5:00 pm UK; 6:00 pm Europe). Each live class lasts approximately 2 hours.
    • Early bird price before January 10th 2024 $275. Regular price $325.
    • Prerequisite for Level 1: a curious mind! And be present during the Zoom online classes. We understand that life happens and that sometimes you cannot make the scheduled class time, but please watch the video recordings to stay engaged with the class.
    • If you’d like to continue after Level 1 to become a Flower Essence Practitioner, you can join us in Levels 2 and 3.

    Content Level 1 – Learning to use Flower Essences (January-March 2024)
    * Learn the basics of flower essence therapy and how you can use these empowering remedies to enhance your life-journey; 
    * Discover Alaska's beautiful and wild environment, and learn how its elemental energies contribute to the quality uniqueness of the essences;
    * Gain the confidence to choose and use essences for yourself, and learn how to make an effective essence blend; 
    * Acquire a clear understanding of the energetic differences between flower, gem and environmental essences; understand the healing qualities of flower, gem and environmental essences;
    * Familiarize yourself with the mindful process of attuning to Nature and the Alaskan Essences;
    * Learn how essences can help you manage stress and life's many challenges;
    * Gain insights about yourself, including how emotional patterns and belief systems can restrict your access to joy and well-being: 
    * Learn about the Alaskan Essences that help balance emotions and thoughts so you can more easily find and maintain inner peace;
    * Learn how to use the essences in fun and practical ways to enliven daily routines;
    * Discover the importance of feeling at home on the Earth and uncovering your life-purpose, and learn how essences help you align with your Inner Being and the Earth to support you in manifesting with more joy and ease.

    Read all about our training here.

    Can't attend live? If you already know you can't attend the live online classes, then please do not register for this class as we want to save room for students who can attend live. Please send us an email at education@alaskanessences.com if you'd like to work with edited recordings or when new classes/dates are coming up. If you need to miss one class, that's okay, you can catch up with the recording.

    By completing this purchase you acknowledge that you have thoroughly reviewed the course description and understand the nature of the program.

    Any filming, recording, copying, distributing, posting, transmitting, linking or showing to audiences without the express written permission of Alaskan Essences, Inc. is prohibited.

    Materials and information should not be used in place of professional medical and psychological treatment.