Lighten Up Spray - 4 oz

Lighten Up Spray - 4 oz

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Use the Lighten Up 'Energy Flow' Spray when you want to bring more light and energy into your aura, especially during the long winter months and when you are tired and overwhelmed from too much work. You can also spray your surroundings when you want to enhance and increase the circulation of energy in your living and working environments.

The overall effect of our Lighten Up spray is to uplift, energize, inspire and nourish. It was created to counteract seasonal or chronic light deficiencies resulting from where people live (extreme northern or southern latitudes), the design limitations of their living and working environments, and the quality of their energy system (energy pathways blocked or undeveloped). It is also helpful for those who are caught up in onerous patterns or situations, or feel cut off in any way from their inner sources of light.

This spray contains the following essences:

Carnelian - energizes and clears the energy pathways in the etheric body and increases energy flow to the meridians
Grass of Parnassus - a fountain of nourishing, effervescent, joyful, uplifting, and liberating light
Orange Calcite - supports us with uplifting, energizing, warming, and joyful energy
Solstice Sun - opens our hearts and energy pathways to receive more light and efficiently use the energy contained within it

These essences open and expand energy pathways, dispel stagnant emotions, and encourage a more efficient level of light circulation in the body.
They are enhanced by the essential oils of Blood Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Combava Petitgrain, Lemon Myrtle, and Ylang Ylang Extra, which add refreshing, sparkling, and uplifting qualities to the spray.

Use the Lighten Up Spray:

  • To clear dark or heavy energy from a space where there has been long term depression or despair
  • To give yourself a lift when you are fatigued, overwhelmed by studying or working too much, or feel a chronic lack of energy on the physical level
  • When you want to enhance and increase the circulation of light and energy in your living and working environments
  • With animals that must be kept inside for long periods, especially during the winter months
  • In the classroom, when you are losing your ability to concentrate
  • On plants to give them extra light and energy during short winter days

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